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Drigo Maranga, lead the CEM Cebu-Head Quarters



Tony Diego, Tatang Illustrisimo and Drigo


C.E.M. core group practicing at the Pasil Headquarters.
This exercises was taken last 2003 under the new Bridge of Mandaue and Mactan (Marcilo H. Fernan Bridge) Cebu City Philippines.For the preparation of expansion of the club, molding for a new group of instructors and new breed of eskrimadors.
Photo taken: roof top fernadez bldg. cem weekly practice


Head Snr.Instr.-Drigo, Jr.Level- Jim2, Jr.Level Don2, Sr.-Level Rusel, Snr.Instr. Carlo


The CEM lead an instructions and a demonstration
to the WEKAF people,we give Seminar for about the 100 practitioner in a different natioanality.

Rico Maranga Cem-Snr.Instr.From (left), Drigo Maranga CEM-Head Snr.Instr.(rigth)

This was held in Lilo-an Skema temple of Rolly Krauer
This our Swiss Student from Skema Lilo-an Cebu


CEM Swiss student 1995-1999
from upper left:Fredie,M.Drigo, J.I.Rico,Marcus and two other instr. in skema group
One of Drigos sparring match of his earlier time. Tanciong Yburan


Rico Maranga, Tanciong Yburan, Drigo Maranga

Tanciong was one of favorite sparing match of Drigo,before Drigo became a real eskrimador.During one of this drinking sessions with his friends he was approached by Tanciong Yburan of Duljo a contemporary of his father. Tanciong threw a stick in the middle of the table and goaded the young Drigo to a friendly palakaw sparring. He hesitated knowing Tanciong's skills and also because of his lack of confidence in his skill. He tried to convince Tanciong to do it some other time, but Tanciong pressed on saying: "Come on you are a Maranga, show me your stuff." The tipsy Drigo had no choice but to accept Tanciong's "challenge". Tanciong played around Drigo giving him light raps all around his arms and body-in short a good lesson in Eskrima. Palakaw, is a friendly sparring where the strikes are carefully controlled so as not to hurt the opponent. But sometimes the light raps can cause contusions and bruises.

Tanciong is a respected left handed Eskrimador in the neighborhood. This humiliation by Tanciong was the turning point in Drigo's Eskrima training.
After the incident, he was often seen in his father's gym watching closely his old man practice with other serious students. GM Maranga ignored at first this renewed interest in Drigo primarily because of his disappointment over his eldest son and namesake Boy who never took the stick seriously. Drigo's overtures to his father was reminiscent of a tongue-tied lad courting his high school crush.

GM Maranga obviously pleased and convinced that Drigo was serious wasted no time and stepped up the training of the only son he hoped to take over his system. Tanciong's interruption in his usual drinking session continued but gradually Tanciong was no longer able to penetrate the defenses of Drigo. Eventually it became a reversal of fortunes with Tanciong already at the receiving end of Drigo's fast raps.

One day Drigo saw Tanciong drinking with his buddies and took the opportunity to "get even" with him. Tanciong was startled when Drigo dropped an olisi on the table and challenged Tanciong to a palakaw. Tanciong conceded: "Drigo, I can't beat you anymore!" If there is anyone person aside from his father who he owes so much to his skill in Eskrima- it is Noy Tanciong. Until today they remain very good friends.